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Tree Services

All landscapes have at least a few trees, big or small on them. Not only do trees add to the beauty of the outdoor spaces of your property, but lend shade, help improve air quality in your immediate vicinity and reduce pollution as well. And just as it's important to choose your trees with care, it's also very important to make sure they are maintained well.

There are times when a pest or fungal infestation impacts the health and appearance of the tree; and if treatments prove to be ineffective, it may become necessary to cut down portions of the tree to maintain the health of the other limbs. Tree maintenance, trimming, pruning and felling jobs should always be handled by experienced professionals. We at Grays Outdoor Services use our expertise and resources to provide excellent Tree Services to customers in and around Garden City, Inkster, Dearborn Heights and Livonia.

Range Of Tree Services We Provide

We have numerous satisfied customers across Westland, Wayne, Redford, and Taylor; and many property owners from Allen Park, Canton, and Romulus choose to hire us for all their tree-related requirements such as:

  • Tree Care- We provide custom tree care solutions and design plans based on the number and types of trees present on your property and what your specific requirements are. In addition to regular tree trimming and pruning, we also provide pest and fungal control solutions. Fruiting trees require special care and we can formulate special plans for those as well.
  • Tree Removal- While it’s true that trees add to the beauty of your property and lend shade etc. but sometimes, trees become damaged by a lightning strike or a severe storm. In situations such as these, the tree may have to either be lopped or cut down completely. On our team are skilled and experienced arborists who use the latest tree-cutting equipment and tools to safely and efficiently cut down and remove the impacted tree/s.

If a tree is growing threateningly close to a structure or leaning into a building, tree removal may be the only solution. Our arborists will assess the condition of the tree and ascertain whether cabling and anchoring it well will solve the problem. If not, they will recommend that the tree be entirely removed.

  • Stump Grinding- Some companies don’t have the expertise or knowledge to tackle tree removal expertly and they leave some portion of the stump on the ground. This protruding stump can become a tripping hazard and can also house pests like termites etc. and it's crucial to have it removed without delay. We provide excellent commercial and residential stump grinding services. Our experts will grind the protruding tree stump a few inches below the ground cover that portion with soil and level the area.

Custom Tree Care Services

Regardless of how minor or complex your tree service requirements are, we are the experts to call. You will find that we are very prompt with our response and complete the work safely, efficiently and professionally. When you hire us for any tree service you can rest assured the job will be completed to your 100% satisfaction. For any more information about the services we provide and Tree Service cost, feel free to call Grays Outdoor Services at 248-470-2316. You can also send us your requests and queries via this online Contact Us form

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